Kunvay client assurance & protect your work

Kunvay is an indispensible tool for creative agencies and independent creatives including designers, photographers, and copywriters.

Why creatives choose Kunvay

Build trust with clients

Build client trust and help clients anywhere in the world feel more comfortable working with you when you use Kunvay. Provide clients with a safe and convenient means for acquiring copyrights and intellectual property (IP) rights while avoiding the immense cost of contract drafting and negotiation.

Deter unauthorized use of your creative work

Protect your work and deter unauthorized use by making it inconvenient for others to use your work without your explicit permission. Kunvay helps you exercise control of your creative work and manage the ownership release of your work to buyers.

Incentivize payment and get paid faster

Minimize the time between invoicing and payment by incentivizing payment with the added benefit of copyright and IP ownership transfer. Kunvay accommodates the project and payment arrangements you already have in place with clients and makes it easy for you to do business in the way that best suits your needs.

Use to complement – or as an alternative to – contracting

Use Kunvay to complement your existing contract arrangements with clients – or as an alternative to contracting for transferring IP under $10,000 in value. Work out payment directly arrangements with your client and use Kunvay as the final step to deliver and transfer your work. After all, until you explicitly transfer ownership of your work it's still yours. Kunvay is your one-step solution that saves you time and hassle while focusing on what matters most to clients – receiving your work.

It's free!

Use Kunvay for all of your projects without incurring cost. Your client is responsible for a nominal copyright and IP transfer fee based on the number of file transfers required. Kunvay dramatically lowers the cost for the routine ownership transfer of creative work with affordable transfer fees that are just a fraction of the cost your client would expect to pay an attorney.

Make your work more valuable to clients

Create more value for your work by making IP transfer an explicit part of the value proposition and benefit you provide clients who work with you. Kunvay helps you increase the value of your creative work because it gives you the opportunity to offer clients the option of acquiring full copyrights and IP rights to your work.

Don't leave a client hanging

Just because a client pays you for a design, photo, or written piece, doesn't mean the client automatically owns the rights to the work (anymore so than buying a book entitles you to copyright ownership to an author's work). A transaction in which you wish to handover full copyright and IP ownership is incomplete unless you formally and explicitly transfer ownership which Kunvay helps you do. Until you Kunvay, you're not really finished. Finish with Kunvay and complete the job well done.