Kunvay copyright & IP ownership

Kunvay is the safe, smart and affordable solution that helps buyers acquire full copyright and intellectual property (IP) rights to work received from others.

Why IP buyers choose Kunvay

Makes it easy to outsource your work, not your copyrights

Kunvay makes IP transfer simple so you can avoid complication and work confidently with creatives and freelancers. When you Kunvay you can rest assured you own full and exclusive rights to the creative work and unique digital goods you receive from others.

Save money and time

Pay just a fraction of what you would typically incur for legal counsel while still assuming ownership of your new design work, photography, or written content. Save thousands of dollars in legal fees and dramatically reduce the cost for the routine ownership transfer of creative work.

Eliminate risk, worry, and avoid complication

Sign-off on projects with complete confidence knowing you have full ownership rights to use your new creative work where you wish, when you wish, and as you wish, and without the risk of future litigation or royalties.

Enjoy peace of mind and documented IP ownership

Don’t take possession of creative work without taking ownership. Kunvay handles all of the complex paperwork behind the scenes, eliminating guesswork and risk. Download, print, or retrieve full copyright and IP documentation from your Kunvay account at any time. It’s that easy!

Screenshot of a completed Kunvay contract

Transfer copyright and IP online easily and safely

Use Kunvay when purchasing custom photography, website design and motion graphics, book ghostwriting, technical and marketing content and more. All creative work and ownership rights are held securely with Kunvay until you’re ready to sign-off and approve deliverables.

Protect yourself and others

Would you ever want to be uncertain about the ownership rights to a logo, design or written content you’ve acquired for yourself or your company from a freelancer or creative? Better to be certain than sorry. Protect yourself or your employer’s interest. No one’s ever gotten fired for using Kunvay.

Scale to fit your needs

Kunvay is scalable to fit your needs whether entering a one-time or long-term contract with a creative agency or professional. Enjoy one predictable flat rate based on the number of files transferred. We take care of your copyright and IP transfer while you make your own payment arrangements directly with creatives. Kunvay makes it easy for you to do business in the way that best suits your needs.

Complete the job with no surprises

Just because you pay a creative or freelancer for a design, photo, or written piece, doesn’t mean you automatically own the rights to the work (anymore so than buying a book entitles you to copyright ownership to an author’s work). A transaction in which a creative wishes to handover full copyright and IP ownership is incomplete unless the creative formally and explicitly transfers ownership which Kunvay helps you do. Until you Kunvay, you’re not really finished. Finish with Kunvay and you can rest assured the job is complete.