We Creativity

Kunvay is a company made up of smart, creative people on a mission to make the world safe for creativity

Our story

We've written books, published photos, and created our own blogs read by thousands of people. We enjoy producing our own original work and buying creative work from others.

We wish buying and owning creative work could be as simple as buying and owning physical goods. However the process isn't quite so simple. Unlike physical goods, acquiring ownership of creative and knowledge work is complex because it involves the transfer of copyright and intellectual property ownership.

Creativity without complexity and attorney expense

Transferring copyright and IP ownership using an attorney is expensive . Downloading and using free legal document templates available online just makes us feel uneasy because in life you usually get what you pay for. We wanted a way to transfer and receive copyright and IP ownership online simply, safely affordably and without worry which is why we created Kunvay.

Kunvay helps you transfer copyright and IP ownership online with assurance and peace of mind. We take the complexity out of transferring and receiving creative work and knowledge work from others.

Get more value from your creative work. Buyers get assurance

Kunvay helps creatives increase the value of their creative work by making copyright and IP transfer an explicit part of the value proposition and benefit they provide clients who work with them. Kunvay provides buyers with a simple, safe, and affordable way to receive full ownership rights to the creative work and unique digital goods they receive from creatives.

It's free for creatives and extremely affordable for buyers

If you're a creative, Kunvay is free for you to use to transfer work to buyers. If you're a buyer Kunvay charges a nominal fee to handle your rights transfer based on the number of files you'd like to become the proud new owner of.

Creatives create. Buyers benefit

We're on a mission to make the world safe for the production and transfer of creativity. Now it's easy for creatives to create and for buyers to make it their own.