Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is Kunvay?

    Kunvay is the simple, safe and affordable way to transfer copyright and intellectual property (IP) ownership online and own full and exclusive rights to the creative work and unique digital goods you receive from others. Receive design work, written content and photos from freelancers, creatives, or anyone and let Kunvay transfer and escrow full IP ownership rights from the creator to the buyer in the cloud.

    Kunvay eliminates ownership uncertainty and reduces risk, worry and complication in acquiring creative work including copywriting, website and logo design, photography, book ghostwriting, and more. Download IP transfer documentation to your hard drive for future reference, or retrieve it from your account archive at any time. Kunvay allows creativity to change hands with ownership certainty and assurance.

  • How does Kunvay work?

    Kunvay streamlines the complex process of copyright and IP transfer into three simple steps. Learn how Kunvay works

  • Why should I Kunvay?

    We're so glad you asked! Learn why buyers and creatives choose Kunvay.

  • What types of IP can I transfer using Kunvay?

    Use Kunvay to transfer ownership of design work, photos, and written content.

    See examples on our homepage

  • What value of IP can be transferred using Kunvay?

    The total value of IP to be transferred can not exceed $10,000 in any single transfer transaction.

  • What proof and documentation of copyright and IP transfer does Kunvay provide?

    When you Kunvay you receive full and detailed documentation of the copyright and IP transfer. Once your transfer has completed, you can download IP transfer documentation to your hard drive for future reference, or retrieve it from your account archive at any time. It’s that easy!

  • Is Kunvay a copyright registration service?

    Kunvay is not a copyright registration service. We transfer copyright between individuals and/or companies. Please consult the United States Copyright Office for copyright registration guidelines.

  • Why should I use Kunvay instead of downloading a contract for free somewhere online?

    Downloading and using generic legal document templates available online just makes us feel uneasy, because in life you usually get what you pay for. We wanted a way to transfer and receive copyright and IP ownership online simply, safely, affordably, and without worry — which is why we created Kunvay. Kunvay helps you to transfer copyright and IP ownership online with assurance and peace of mind. We take the complexity out of transferring and receiving creative work and knowledge work from others.

  • Where can I find an example of the Kunvay transfer agreement?

    You can find a copy of the creative's agreement, buyer's agreement, and transfer agreement by using the following links:

    Buyer's Agreement

    Creative's Agreement

    Transfer Agreement


IP Basics

  • What is intellectual property (IP)?

    Intellectual property (IP) is intangible property that is the result of creativity such as design work, photos, and written content. Intellectual property rights safeguard the rights of creators and allow them ownership rights to their creative work.

  • What is copyright?

    Copyright is a legal means of protecting creative work that gives owners exclusive rights to control a work’s reproduction and distribution.

  • How does copyright and IP work? Who owns it?

    The person or company that creates a work is the copyright IP owner of that work. The owner can transfer full and exclusive rights of ownership to another person or company. Once ownership rights have been transferred, the party receiving the work becomes the sole owner of the copyright and IP.

  • Why is owning copyright and IP important? Why should I care?

    Using copyrighted work or IP owned by someone else without permission could put you at legal risk. Particularly if you or your business benefits financially from the use of copyrighted work or IP owned by someone else, the copyright and IP owner may be entitled to damages and profits you have received. Watch the movie The Social Network, where intellectual property dispute was featured as the central conflict as an example of why IP matters and why clarity regarding IP ownership is important. Don’t suffer the fate of a Winklevoss twin.

  • How can copyright and IP and transferred?

    Copyright and IP can be fully transferred through formal written agreement.

  • I paid a friend, designer or freelance writer for their work. Do I not automatically own full copyright and IP rights to the work because I paid for it?

    Think about the last time you bought a book. You own the paper and ink, but not the author's words or thoughts. The same holds true for all other intellectual property such as design work, photos and other written content. A transaction in which someone wants to handover full IP ownership of their work to you is incomplete unless it's formally and explicitly transferred.

  • Who should be concerned about copyright and IP issues?

    Everyone should have a basic understanding of how IP and copyright work in today's knowledge-work economy. If you or your company benefits financially from the creative work you acquire from others, you should be familiar with IP and copyright basics.