About Kunvay

Kunvay is the simple, safe and affordable way to transfer copyright and intellectual property (IP) ownership online and own full and exclusive rights to the creative work and unique digital goods you receive from others.

Receive design work, photos and written content from freelancers, creatives, or anyone, and let Kunvay transfer and escrow full IP ownership rights from the creator to the buyer in the cloud.

Kunvay eliminates ownership uncertainty and reduces risk, worry and complication in acquiring creative work including copywriting, website and logo design, photography, book ghostwriting, and more. Download IP transfer documentation to your hard drive for future reference, or retrieve it from your account archive at any time.

Kunvay unbundles the copyright and IP transfer process. Now it’s possible to start the creative process anywhere and finish with Kunvay where creativity changes hands with an end-to-end IP transfer process as easy as a click.