Copyright & IP Ownership Transfer for Creatives, Freelancers & Their Clients

Legally Own the Work You Buy.Kunvay helps creatives, freelancers and their clients transfer copyright and intellectual property ownership online with documented assurance. We take the complexity out of transferring and receiving ownership rights to design work, photos and written content.

Kunvay is free for creatives, and extremely affordable for buyers.We're on a mission to make the world safe for creativity so creatives can create, and buyers can make it their own.Upload. Approve. Transfer.Yeah, it's that easy.

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1. Upload content

Creatives upload files, releasing intellectual property ownership into escrow for Kunvay to transfer.

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2. Approve content

Buyers download and review the files. Once finalized, buyers login to Kunvay and clickApprove.

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3. Transfer IP securely

Kunvay automatically transfers escrowed copyright and IP ownership to the buyer with documented assurance.

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Transfer and receive full copyright and IP ownership to:

  • Logo design
  • Web & mobile app design
  • Illustration
  • Ad design
  • Book cover, print & packaging design
  • Clothing design
  • Product design
  • Brochure and pamphlet design

Transfer and receive full copyright and IP ownership to:

  • Portrait photos
  • Event photos
  • Wedding photos
  • Product photos
  • Commercial photos
  • Stock photos

Transfer and receive full copyright and IP ownership to:

  • Articles or blog posts
  • Web or marketing copy
  • Script writing
  • Technical writing
  • Book ghostwriting
  • Newsletters or pamphlets
  • Essays or lyrics
  • Company names or taglines

Kunvay explained in 90 seconds

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